Berta Abellan, the new global promise of women’s trials.

Born in Terrassa on October 17, 1999, Berta Abellán Marsiñach, has amazed us with her skill in trial despite her youth.

Berta, she started when she was only 4 years old after she was given a 50cc Mecatecno at Christmas. Her father, a fan of motorcycles, started her in that world and she evolved very quickly, she started to compete at the age of six and no one can stop her.

The Terrassense is one of the pilots aspiring to the world championship and this has been demonstrated this 2021 season where she has achieved second place in the Women’s Trial World Championship behind Emma Bristow (world champion eight times) and champion Laia Sanz , who has returned to trial after eight years absent and who achieved his fourteenth title in trials, to which we must add 5 in enduro.

This year we have been able to enjoy her in the First Indoor Women’s Trial at the Palau Sant Jordi where she has achieved second position.

A pride for Terrassa and for female motorcycling, with very high performance and levels, we know that Berta still has many victories to give us. And then we talk a little about her with her to get to know her better.

I do not want to stop insisting that we should be very grateful to the people who support us and trust us, in this small world

Hello Berta, first of all we want to congratulate you on your season and thank you for dedicating some of your time to us.

Where does your passion for motorcycles come from? Who started you?

The passion for motorcycles comes from my father who has always been a fan. He already taught my sister to trial, but she didn’t like it and then I was born, and he tried it again and I did like it, when I was four years old.

My beginnings were at the four years that my father took me to train at the Clau in Sant Llorenç Savall every Sunday. At first it was not easy because he made me dizzy in the car every time, it was 40 minutes of curves.

This was the only thing that made me lazy in the morning when my father woke me up saying “let’s go on a motorcycle” I really wanted, but I was thinking about vomiting, I didn’t want to go there, until I discovered that I couldn’t drink milk before to go out, and with that we solved the problem.

 And so for a long time every Sunday there I trained with my father until I was six years old when I tried the first competition, the worst competition I remember, there was a lot of mud and I was riding a very small motorcycle that didn’t pull, but from there I could only go forward.

At what point did you know that your passion would be your profession?

Well, I think I realized it when I tried the world championship, at thirteen years old, that season was a test, but I really liked competing, the atmosphere that was breathed there.

I saw Laia Sanz and I was amazed. Coincidentally, my first World Cup was hers last hers, I saw her and thought “I want to be her, I want to go as far as her”, and then the last push was also when I entered the C.A.R. from Sant Cugat, seven years ago now, and this is when you become aware that she will be a professional and that the subject is already serious.

You know that your example will inspire many girls and girls, just like Laia Sanz. What would you say to these girls? Is this world still difficult for women?

Well I hope so, I hope to inspire many girls, because it is a very fun world and the environment is incredible and doing trials with nature is an incredible relationship.

I encourage both boys and girls to try it, but especially girls because, although it is difficult to get to the top, there are many sponsors and collaborators who help us precisely because they are women, the image of a woman on a motorcycle is much more impressive . There are many brands that are looking for this, and if you make yourself sell and know, they can help you cover the expenses, it is difficult, but it can be achieved, I encourage all those who are starting, to persevere like me to fulfill their dreams.

There are also colleagues who have left it on the way due to lack of help, but others like me move forward and fight.

Your second place in the indoor trial will go out in the history books as the date of the first Women’s World Indoor Trial. How was the experience? Is the Palau Sant Jordi intimidating?

Yes, we made history and this has been a pleasure. I was already growing up with my father at the Palau Sant Jordi and I imagined myself there, but I thought that reaching that level was impossible.

That’s why having been there, having done those areas, which were technically very good, that you saw so many people, the experience is simply incredible.

It was the most intense and shocking 4 minutes of my life, it is intimidating so much public and such a large space, but I enjoyed it a lot and I loved it. We only hope that it is not the first and last, but that from now on this will go ahead and introduce women to indoor trials in a definitive way.

Your 2021 season has been magnificent, and we congratulate you. What would you stay with this year?

The truth is that it has been a pretty good season.

We have had the incentive that Laia Sanz has returned, and although this at the same time was a sign that he would make it difficult for us, it was also a great motivation.

I have trained with her and I have seen her system and her mentality, she has the strength to compete with very clear ideas, everything she has in mind she does, and she competes thinking that where she participates she must win, and that gives her a clear psychological advantage, it makes the path clear for him despite any physical handicap he may have, it is to be admired and he deserved to win.

I can also say that Emma and I have been very close to each other, in fact, I have won her twice, and very close to her also to Laia. They are two pilots with more than thirty years who have a lot of experience, which has helped them a lot. But there I have been, giving war and I am left with what they have seen me, and that they know that I am very close to you.



I suppose you must already have many new projects, that I don’t know if you can tell us, at least tell me, where do you see yourself in a few years? What would your dream be? Is there something important you want to say in the world?

I have quite a few projects in mind, I would like to comment on them, but they are not completely closed yet.

If we talk about a more long-term future, in a few years I see myself competing and combining it with running a trial school, or doing large trial campus where many people come.

I would also like to try enduro, but first I want to do things well with trial before moving on to another modality.

One of my dreams, which in fact I am already achieving, is to have a good team, my representatives, the people who bring the merchandising, the collaborators, etc. I would like to have my own personal brand.

Little by little dreams come true, I am very proud of what I have achieved so far, I want to show my sincere gratitude to all the people who have helped me to be where I am, my family, Carlos Palà my backpacker for seven years, Marta Vilagrassa, my representative, Sergio Nuñez, all of them have helped me a lot and I owe them everything.

I do not want to stop insisting that we should be very grateful to the people who support us and trust us, in this small world, and I have been fortunate to meet very nice, humble people and they have helped me a lot, I hope not never lose this.

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