History Indoor Trial Barcelona

The Barcelona Indoor Trial is the most recognized test of this modality worldwide. According to many experts, this event provides us with the test of the highest level of difficulty and at the same time spectacular.

It has been held annually since 1978, the oldest test of this modality scoring for the Indoor Trial World Championship, now we can enjoy it at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona but initially it was held at the Palau Dels Esports in Barcelona.

This test is unique in the world, since it is the one that gathers the most public and the one that provides the most “no-stop” zones.

Initially this event was founded with the aim of promoting Solo Moto magazine and as an extra incentive to get an audience for the distribution of awards that the magazine awarded to “Best Riders of the Year”, and although it was thought that it would only be a one-off event thanks to the public became an annual party that many look forward to.

The Barcelona Indoor Trial is the most recognized test of this modality worldwide.

The first edition

The first edition, called “I Trial Indoor Solo Moto”, was held on January 24, 1978 at the Palau del Esports in Barcelona.

Inspired by another event that had taken place shortly before in the Netherlands, where there was a show with trial bikes climbing on pallets, Jaume Alguersuari, who at that time was the director of the magazine, together with Joan Bordas, an expert in natural landscaping , Pere Pi, who was a director of Montesa at the time and also with the collaboration of Josep Isern and Motoclub Mollet, together decided to perfect the idea, and bring trial fans to a pavilion, which at that time was booming in Spain.

That first event was attended by 9000 spectators, who were not at all disappointed with this innovative party.

On that occasion the winners were Jaume Subirà with Montesa, followed by Yrjö Vesterinen with Bultaco and Quico Payà with Ossa.

Later editions

A curiosity is that during the first editions the entry was only to show a copy of the Solo Moto magazine at the entrance, it was not until 1982 that the tickets were paid.

During the first 13 years, Pi i Bordas, the one in charge of designing the zones, never repeated a zone, causing the public to eagerly await the news. The areas at that time were inspired by the natural landscape, to preserve the spirit of classic trials. We could see areas with rocks, logs, palm trees, train rails, and water. In one edition we could see a pool and even a waterfall. Large assemblies, for that time, that needed tons of material and countless trucks and technicians.

One of the most emblematic areas, which to this day, we have never lacked is the area that takes advantage of the stairs of the grandstand, where the motorcycles pass by the public, making them go crazy.

The natural appearance of the areas changed in 1990, with the end of the collaboration of Pi i Bordas, then Jaume Alguersuari modified the type of areas making them less natural, but more economical and suitable for advertising.

This event quickly became renowned by having the participation of the best riders in the world, already in the 80s, it was considered the most important event in the world of Indoor Trial. Thanks to this, this modality spread throughout Europe and was the seed that originated the Indoor Trial World Championship.


Already in the 90s, with the construction of the Palau Sant Jordi, the event changed its location, thus welcoming more than 18,000 spectators.

In constant evolution, this test has never ceased to amaze us every year with the spectacle that the best pilots in the world give us.

And how could it be otherwise this year we are surprised again. After 43 editions, this year for the first time the show will also be shared by the best female pilots in the world.

If in 1978 the Trial Indoor Barcelona already marked a historical milestone, this year 2021 will mark a new one with the Women’s Trophy.

First Indoor Women’s Trial

The first women’s indoor trial race will take place on November 21, sharing the billboard with the 44 Trial Indoor Barcelona.

Although the participants have not yet been made public, we are pleased to announce that we have a Sorra rider on the billboard, Berta Abellán will give us her eyes with her mastery in the Trial.

Our Terrassa rider with her Vertigo came third in the final ranking of the WomensTrialGP, behind the winner Laia Sanz (GasGas) and second place for Emma Bristow (Sherco).

The season of our beloved rider has been exceptional and that is why next week we will dedicate an entire post to her as she more than deserves it.

We expect this next Sunday 21 a great show, in addition the influx of the public is assured, since, unfortunately this year due to the pandemic the World Championship has been reduced to only two tests: the 44 Trial Indoor Barcelona and the, already done, X Trial Indoor Andorra la Vella.

The last news informed us that the Trial of Braga, Portugal, was suspended due to Covid.

It should be noted that the event will apply all the established health precautions, such as the use of a mask throughout the show, social distancing and the capacity limit.

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