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Knowing our Riders Part II

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Knowing our Riders

Interview with…Berta Abellán 22 February 2021 At this point, who does not know Berta Abellán? She is one of the best riders in the world, 3 world runners-up & several national titles, plus a Trial of Nations & 1 European Women’s Championship. Berta competes in TR1 Female...

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Be part of our History

Sörra: challenge yourself 10 February 2021 It was 1987 when the Sörra brand began its adventures. That same year, Spanish rider Jordi Tarrés made history by winning his first world title. Thanks to this milestone, there was a BOOM of people who wanted to practice Trial and rebound, users bought...

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How to get started in Trial

How to get started in Trial 19 April 2021 It’s known that Trial has a very specific technique that needs to be trained. Trial riding requires technical & physical dexterity and for this it will be very important to dedicate many hours to training. We want to show you which are the main movements...

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