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Sörra: challenge yourself

It was 1987 when the Sörra brand began its adventures. That same year, Spanish rider Jordi Tarrés made history by winning his first world title.

Thanks to this milestone, there was a BOOM of people who wanted to practice Trial and rebound, users bought the Sörra brand, which at that time was the only brand that existed in Spain in the Trial sector.

Another Spanish rider, Gabino Renales, who was wearing Sörra at that time, played a great role during the 80s in the Absolute Spain Championships and later, in the World Championship, where he finished 10th in 1987. 

Although it ceased to be manufactured in the 90s, another trial lover decided to regain the brand 25 years ago and in 2019 gave it a new look, created a logo modernizing the original.

And boy, has it been modernized! New image, high quality fabrics, state-of-the-art manufacturing & sublimation processes, as well as total customization for the rider. Even so, it maintains that vintage style so elegant of the brands of yesteryear, just as we like to remember it!

What do you think about having recovered a brand created in the 80s? The different Sörra logos show the passing of the years without losing the essence of the engine.

We are a 100% DIGITAL brand, this not only helps a very fluid communication with customers, it also allows us to be very AGILE. Sörra is a company born in Spain, with manufacturing a few kilometers from our headquarters, custom designs are immediate for both teams and independent pilots & we guarantee manufacturing and shipping in less than 5 days. We try to reduce our carbon footprint & be as SUSTAINABLE as possible.

We have come to stay, TRIAL has a lot of future!