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It’s known that Trial has a very specific technique that needs to be trained. Trial riding requires technical & physical dexterity and for this it will be very important to dedicate many hours to training.

We want to show you which are the main movements to learn & how to take the first steps in this exciting sport. Trial learning is possible at any age and although it does not require previous experience, if you have driven a motorcycle or bike before, it makes handling much easier.

First of all, and if you want to see the atmosphere of this sport, you should go to an event or race. There you can see the real trial, talk to people and ask the questions you want ;P

 It would also be interesting to search  for the Motorcycle Federation of your Community (this is the link of the spanish one ), not only to see the next competitions, but also to see if there’s a school or training place nearby.

About equipment, the main thing would be a motorcycle, and you have 2 options: buy or rent. It all depends on whether you are clear about what you want to buy and whether you are going to go ahead or not.

Also, you should look at boots & helmet, and for clothing and protections you can look in our website, you will find several models at the best price.

Now we go to the important one, what movements are the main ones to start driving?

For this, we’ve asked our rider Gil Vila for help, who has explained several interesting tips & exercises, here we detail them:

  • The main thing is not to go alone, it’s always better to go with someone who knows more than you, so they can give us a hand.
  • It’s also very important not to exceed your level and go step by step, we can have an incident and we’ll return to the starting box.
  • You always have the possibility of watching videos on YouTube where they explain some tricks, that will increase your motivation!
  • About exercises & main workouts, there are several movements that must be practiced and internalized to improve driving.
    • Improve balance: there are some exercises that are used to start working on your balance; the main one would be to rest the front wheel on a stone (wheel turned a little) and try not to touch the feet on the ground. When we have this exercise internalized, we can do the same movement without the support of the stone, looking for our base position.
    • Learn to perform turns: we must keep the knees open outwards and move the hips to the opposite side of the turn.
    • Changes: lift front / rear wheel separately to move direct the bike where you want.
    • Start with the ramps / jumps: the most important thing is to place the weight well back, find a base position, accelerate and bend the knees; press down (like when we jump with our feet together), let go of the clutch and lift / jump. You will not get out the first time but we are always in time to fix the position when you go testing 😉

Taking into account everything we’ve mentioned, are you ready to start the training? Be persistent & ask for help from those who know more than you, it’s the best way to move forward!